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Build, Brand & Grow your WordPress Website

WordPress is everywhere, probably because of the easiness of using it as a communication platform, without the need to know code.

here are some steps you can do to upgrade your WordPress site:

1. research your niche.
the web is saturated with all kind of websites, from light information to heavy researches. try to think as a visitor, and ask yourself: who is my average visitor? what would he do before and after viewing my website, where does he hangs out? those questions will lead you to the places which your visitors are hanging and sharing important things, like your new blog.

2. make a bucket full of connections
wake up and smell the flowers, there are probably a lot of people who are already doing the same thing you are trying to do. but as a beginner, you have an unwritten right to follow those people and ask them for their help. their experience will probably save you a lot of hard learning time, and who knows, maybe you will make some new and powerful friends.

3. enjoy your time
with the rise of the world-wide web, the method of the 9-5 work day had changed. people these days understand that in order to be successful on the web, they have to like what they are doing. some people don’t even call that a job, though they make a living out of it. so, these are my 2 cents – love what you are doing. if you will communicate that to you visitors, you will gain their faith and they shortly will become subscribers.

4. content is good, design is better
we are visual people, we estimate the value of almost everything within the first 15 seconds of contact.
in website world, it is a matter of seconds for a visitor to decided if he likes your website or not. that’s why you should think of that first. after choosing your niche and installing your website, choose a clean, well-organized theme for your website, don’t wait until you will have visitors, cause than it’s harder to change a theme, out of the blue.
for an example, here are some MOJO themes that could fit you, try them out. shortly, you will understand what kind of “shoes” your website should be wearing.

[mojoitem platform=’wordpress’ type=’themes’ item=’popular’ quantity=’3′ seller=” aff=’’]

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